At Long Last, an Easy Bit

I’m starting on the front skirt, or apron. I’m using a very simple pattern of “square, with ties.” It’s wasteful, but simple. I like it! The material is a beautiful black cotton velvet, black linen thread, and lace from my stash. I spent time ironing the side hems, and made sure to iron the velvet side using a pillowcase so as not to hurt the velvet bits. I had wanted to use canvas bias tape I’d made for the ties, however the velvet is heavy enough and the tape stretchy enough that it would sag too much. I ended up finding a nylon/polyester ribbon that was a nice thickness and decided to use it despite its asynchronicity. I also found some beautiful thick lace in my stash, and despite it being post period, Ive decided to add it as a bit of flair. There are examples of quite complex pieces of lace in the “Scholehouse for the Needle,” though I have not seen them being used in this context, I like how this one looks with my black velvet as a background and have decided to use it, period or not. I have made quick progress, making sure to reinforce weakest points, and expect to be finished quickly, barring unforeseen circumstances.

ironing on the crush velvet, using a white pillowcase on top of the black fabric
folding over the hems
placing the tie underneath the fabric before folding over the hem
placing lots of quilting clips to keep the hems in place
thick floral lace on black velvet fabric
back view of one side hem. stitches are barely visible along sewn down lace. Lace is folded over for extra strength.
Corner stitches of apron, along with tie. an uneven “X” (barely looks like an X) reinforces stitches at corner.
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