My First Pair of Hose

Archbishop of Bayonne hose from the late 14th century made of silk brocade

After looking at many sites on how to make hose I had settled on Bernadette Banner site for my pattern. After trying on the hose with the little bit of a seams under my foot. I decided to look for something that had no seams under the foot. I found this picture of Archbishop of Bayonne hose from the late 14th century which had no seams under the foot and modified my pattern accordingly. The Archbishop’s pair had a leather sole, they could have been worn without shoes, however, my hose do not, as I plan to wear them with a pair of period slippers. They are made of cotton, since I am allergic to linen. The embroidery pattern came from an extant piece, a camica, in Museo del Tessuto, Prato. I like all my pieces for an outfit to have a matching item and this pattern was simple enough to embroider on most of the pieces.

This was inspiration for my embroidery pattern and placement
Museo del Tessuto, Prato
1550 – 1600, Italian

This is the video I decided to follow at first and change plans after my first mock up.

About Anjuili d’Foljambe

Greetings, I am Lady Anjuili Foljambe and I call the Barony of Stonemarche my home. I have been in the SCA for a very long time. I love making garb, I have made most of my own and my family’s for the entire time I have been in the SCA. I also was keeper of Stonemarche’s Gold Key for many years. I have been doing more research and making more period correct garb in the last 8 or 9 years than I have in the past. I have participated in the Birka Fashion show for a few years now. This will be my second garb challenge. I and a few friends competed in golden seamstress in 2018 and had a blast.
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4 Responses to My First Pair of Hose

  1. Kay of Tre Asterium, C.L. says:

    Nice! I like that you showed us the inspiration for your embroidery design.
    Things are coming together well. I look forward to more pictures as the next piece come together.

  2. Elizabeth Vynehorn says:

    I love the embroidery on the hosen. I think that the cotton is a good substitute, given your allergy to the linen.

  3. L. Severin Schröeder says:

    Rereading your works, I find the seams under the foot annoying, also. Finding a source for what you wanted is great.

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