Go West, Young Slav: Check-in #4

I’ve been bouncing between the various parts of this outfit, rather than focusing on any one single piece, but I’m still moving forward, so that’s what’s most important, right? I pulled threads and cut the main body pieces for my sarafan/overdress, and failed to take any photos of it, but it’s just a bunch of rectangles of indigo linen. I still need to cut the gores out before I can start assembling, but I can’t do that sitting on my couch.

I did hem the brocade piece that will be my forecloth, and at only 13” wide those two hems went very quickly. The selvedge is tight woven and smooth, so I’m not bothering to do any further treatment to it. The narrow hem is the top of the piece, and the wider hem the bottom. I just need to add loops to the top of it, but I’m going to hold off on that until I finish the sarafan so I know where exactly they need to go.

I cut out a D-shaped piece from my wool gauze to be my veil/head covering, to be able to maximize the size of it while working within a piece that was basically a large scrap. I experimented a little with some decorative hemming styles, but none of them really did it for me, so I decided instead to simply roll up the hem and whip stitch it with a decorative filler thread. It adds some visual interest to the veil, while not being too attention getting, because that will be my brocaded band instead!

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