Wait you mean IT ACTUALLY FITS?!?!

That’s right folks! Did another fitting on test/mock pieces with the boy on Monday and things fit. Hosen fit – Doublet fit – BRAIES FINALLY FIT THE WAY I WANTED THEM TO. Gloves – well… we’re not gonna talk about those yet. Back to more good news!

Tuesday I did further research into shoes because I’ve had lowkey anxiety over making cow mouth shoes. TBR – I’m going to err on the side of caution and do a more basic shoe since, ya know, I’ve never made shoes before. I also did some research for the pouch and started work on that.

So – I have finally moved on to working on the final outfit…on March 10th – *cries* Someone please tell me again why I thought it would be a good idea to “push myself” and not sew anything before Feb 27th? I need to have a conversation with past me or maybe future me? All joking aside I am confident that I will have a finished outfit like I originally envisioned.

The plan is to sew a lot over the next couple of days so hopefully next update is more of a wow update.

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  1. Gwynnyd says:

    Go, go, go!


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