Recreation of a 1570’s English Gown- Ellynor Redpath Check in #4

I started out this week with assembling the forepart and sleeves, shown in the pictures below.

Then I cut out and started assembling the gold overgown. Like the kirtle, the bodice is made up of a decorative outer layer, canvas inner, and lining. The first step is to fold the seam allowance of the outer fabric over the edges of the canvas, and baste it down.

At this point, while the inside of the panel is unfinished, I go ahead and apply all of the trim.

Then I tack down the lining with a prick stitch.

Each of four panels will be finished this way, then assembled.

I also received a question on the last post about the beading on the bodice. Based on a close up of the painting, it looks like the edge has a texture. I chose to replicate this with beads, alternating pearls and crystals.

Now that I have all of the underlayers done, I also put everything on for the first time! Pictures of that are shown below.

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One Response to Recreation of a 1570’s English Gown- Ellynor Redpath Check in #4

  1. Beatrice Domenici della Campana says:


    Today, I curse this platform that does not let me click on an image and make it bigger so I can see more details!! The small images here that have you full-figure mean it’s hard for me to see things like the fit of the corset, how the straps fall, where the waist hits relative to your waist, and other such things that would be easy to see in person (or in closer or larger images).

    I look forward to more detailed images of the fit of these garments in your next few posts!

    How did you choose your construction method for the bodice?

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