The Mock Up

Well, if I had made an official bet, I would have won! The waist is too long. However! the general pattern shape is super close.

Left: front pins. Right: back side. The lines match up for sewing.

I pin the fabrics together, keeping the pins lined up on the mark lines. The sewing should overlap the two chalk lines as I preceed.

Lined it up!

Now to try it on.

I immediately resized the plastron. And then I one by one pinched seams while wearing the bodice, and made marks. It’s way more time consuming than just having a helper, but I got the bodice closer to the fit I want.

Tedious. One alteration at a time.

Pin it on, pinch and mark, make a small adjustement. Pin it on, and repeat.

It’s a glamorous job. But once I have a pattern it’s much easier to alter it to fit for future dresses.

Night pictures are hard in my apartment. I will try for another tomorrow, when I fix the arm holes and shorten the waist. And hopefully, cut out the bodice!

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