A Busy Weekend

I finished card weaving the trim that is for my peplos-type gown, my under tunic and Nigels under tunic. With the trim finished I finished the peplos-type gown. My under tunic is finished except for hemming. I put trim on the sleeves. In 5th/6th century they found clips on the wrists but I decided not do that because I thought they would get in the way when working.

Completed card woven trim

I still have a little bit of weaving to do on the warp weighted loom. I also warped up the sprang loom for socks for Nigel. I am doing both socks at one time.

sprang warped for two socks

Nigel finished sewing one of my shoes. His hands are very sore from hand sewing leather. The shoe fits like a glove (oh I mean tight fitting shoe). He also worked on the the Thors hammer. The hardest part was getting the permanent marker off that he used to cut it out.

Thors Hammer
Catherine’s first shoe

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  1. Ana Ilevna says:

    When I sew leather, I use a sailmaker’s palm as a thimble https://www.theartfulsailor.com/catalogue/sailmakers-palm
    and needle nose pliers to pull the needles and thread through. Really saves finger pail!

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