Front skirt finished!

black velvet square white ribbons trailing off upper edges. white floral lace about  3" of the way up. draped on a rainbow pastel duvet
black velvet skirt with white floral lace
lace sewn with black thread visible on the side seam
visual of lace sewn on the side
close up of white thread used on lace blending in
white cotton thread used on lace for better color match
Tuxedo cat sitting on nicely laid skirt, looking at camera. "helping"
Zoom the cat helping
Tuxedo cat playing on nicely laid skirt. Skirt is now mussed.  cat is focused on what she's doing.
Zoom is heppin.

My apron or front skirt is now finished, and looks exactly how I want it. I’m very happy with how it came out. It was very simple construction- a rectangle with finished edges, a ribbon for attaching, and lace for decoration. Although complex lace patterns have been documented in “The Schole-Hose of the Needle,” I could not find one that matches this particular flower pattern. I still love this cotton-polyester lace I had in my stash, and am delighted to use it on this apron panel. I love how it looks. I also cannot document that lace would have been used to decorate a front apron in this manner.
My next task is to lay out and cut the other skirt piece from linen. It will be 3 pieces- a back and 2 sides, which will be stitched together, and gathered with a waistband. I haven’t done this method before, so I’m slightly nervous about how much gathering will need to be done. Will I know instinctively? Will I over or under gather? I’m not as nervous about stitching the sides to the back, I think I will be ok at that. I also don’t have a measurement for the waistband, and have to find a ribbon for the tie. I’d like to used a black velvet ribbon as a decorative trim, but that may have to wait until after the contest is over, as I think it would be time consuming, and I will need that time for the bodice.

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One Response to Front skirt finished!

  1. Kay of Tre Asterium, C.L. says:

    Of COURSE the cat is helping. All that fabric…
    You mention waist measurement. DO get that. It will help with patterning and calculating how much fabric will go in to gathers or pleats at the top, and how big around your hem will be. That large hem measurement can add “richness” to the look of your skirt. I never have less than 180 inches in a hem I want to look generous. I look forward to seeing how you laid your skirt on the velvet!

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