Issues Overcome

Wondering if the two pieces will work, or how much will need to be pieced

This is the first garment which I’ve made a pattern for. Help was given by Lord Bartholomew Sharpe. I’m very happy I remembered which piece to cut in half and which NOT to cut on the fold. I was considering (as seen in above pics) to use one piece of fabric, and trying to piece as much as needed to conserve fabric. I realized a great deal of piecing would be needed, and I own a LOT of fabric. I took the fabric I was going to use for the bodice, and used it for the skirts.

I am happy with myself that I figured out not to cut from the center of the fabric. Yay me. I don’t know why I folded the edge diagonally though. It was late and I was tired?

Three separate pieces. Two sides and a center.

I then ironed my “hems.” This makes it easier for me to know where I’m lining up my edges and stitching. I don’t have to roll anything, it’s all folded and won’t unroll. Also, I love quilt clips. This linen ironed like a DREAM. You may be able to see the slight difference in color between the two linens and how absolute marginal it is. I’m very happy about that.

This is after wiping with a cold wet cloth 🙁

Now there’s a small problem. My skirt has tailors chalk on it. (The other skirt side does as well. Reversing the sides would not alleviate the issue.) I have wiped it with a wet cloth. I have not tried steam, as I’m afraid this will “set” the chalk. I have, however, reversed and re-ironed the hems, so the panel is on the correct side.

Now the panels are on the correct sides, “pinned” correctly, and ready for my favorite part: stitching! (Loooooots of stitching!) These linen panels will be stitched with linen thread from White Wolf & Phoenix. In the future, I foresee a black velvet trim being added along the sides and bottom. As that will take a lot of time I don’t have, this will happen after the contest.

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  1. Sisuile Butler says:

    Re: Tailor’s Chalk – you can iron with a wet paper towel, or, my usual, brush hard with a damp bristle brush. I’ve got a plastic “dish” brush that lives in the sewing kit, because dollar store for the win. (also, pet hair and dust on velvet and wool, when it is so imbedded that a lint roller doesn’t do it. I have a separate one in the garb kit for brushing mud/dust out of garb at events)

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