March 18, 2021 – Adulting is Hard ….

My apologies for not posting this last week. I had hoped that by ignoring a specific medical issue it would somehow just go away …. but with my background in Biology I really should have know better.

Oh well – fingers crossed that things have calmed down enough to let me get back on track these last two weeks.

Not that I have been idle –

I will need “buttons” for the false sleeves. However after weeks of looking for something I was happy with I realized I would just have to make my own.

The finished “Buttons” for the false sleeves.

I have finished the bodice and attached sleeves, the lining shown is for warmer weather wear, the plan is to add removable fur lining for colder weather.

I then finished the kirtle by final determination of the shoulder strap placement and length (thanks to the roommate for the help). I thend did the final hemming and attached the beaded trim I made for the neckline.

I also did the final hem for the separate under-skirt. And I re-made the bottom ring of the farthingale which I was feeling was just much too wide for the period.

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5 Responses to March 18, 2021 – Adulting is Hard ….

  1. Aurelia di Stellari says:

    Hi Fallon, Sorry to hear you have had medical issues. Glad you were up to making continued progress.

  2. Beatrice Domenici della Campana says:


    Looks like you’ve gotten quite a bit done despite your medical issues! Hope you’re feeling better soon!

    Any photos of the underskirt and the revised farthingale?

  3. Sisuile Butler says:

    What interesting trim. Can you talk a bit about why you chose such large, irregular pearls?

    • Fallon's Folly says:

      Sisuile, Cutured pearls with consistent sizes were not created until the end of the 19th century, so all pearls used prior are found naturally. These larger sizes were labeled as “baroque” pearls and it seems they were more common than round or even teardrop shaped which is why most portraits show the higher end, more expensive, found pearls that are rounder in shape.

      I will also address this in my documentation, but I do have an example of Elizabeth I wearing a dress with a LOT of these Baroque pearls.

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