Thursday 03/18 Post: Making Do

C. Of Linings and Interlinings

This post is about making do.

For those who were puzzled about why I did not make a muslin mock-up of my proposed pieces, I already had made a mock-up over the late summer and early fall of 2020, and had made a saya, but it had been too tight across the chest and too tight at the right side arm hole. The saya is meant to hug the body to the waist, but a lady likes to breathe, no? So I already knew what I had to tweak to make it better, adding half an inch across the chest, subtracting a whole inch at the bottom of the right arm hole.

I can only hand sew during the week, so I have been finishing the hem of the saya‘s liner, but I have also pieced together the liner for the pellote. Pictures will follow in the next post, as decent lighting had faded by the time I was done. I ran into a hitch with the pellote‘s interlining, though. The fabric I had purchased for that purpose is too heavy for it, even though I had washed and dried it as hot as I could get it. (Again, I will never purchase on-line what I cannot touch and see for myself.) I will be saving that cotton-linen blend for some other project, but something else had to do for the interlining.

I have some spare cotton that I was going to use for another camisa if time allows me for this event, so the spare is being repurposed for the interlining. It is light, but not too light, supple, and combined with both the summer-suit wool and a thin liner will make for a functional pellote. I had purchased this cotton on sale at JoAnn’s, and I may have enough for a camisa even after cutting the interlining.

Sometimes life is about making do.

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