UGH!!! Thursday 3/18/21

SO I finally got a layer sewn together (crazy couple of days with a bunch of OT for work and double ear infections)-what I was thinking that I could hand sew all of this? UGH! I didn’t take pictures because I had to make changes to the neckline and I didn’t want to bug the model again.

Tomorrow and Saturday will be finishing up the documentation and making the shoes and hat. I want to spend the weekend time getting these hard items done and then I can spend all next week sewing, sewing, sewing. I’m back to being anxious about finishing.

It’s really interesting to have that “EECK the event is next week!” feeling and spending every spare moment sewing hoping to get everything done and some sleep before the event. It’s been too long since I’ve felt that. I don’t think I missed that feeling. LOL

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3 Responses to UGH!!! Thursday 3/18/21

  1. Anjuili d’Foljambe says:

    oh god I am reading through other contestant post this AM to see if I am the only one feeling oh my god am I going to finish. Your statement of “Eeck the event is next week ” and that panic is starting to set in for me and I hope it will push me to finish.

  2. Beatrice Domenici della Campana says:


    I’m convinced that there is never the Goldilocks amount of time left for a project. We either feel like we have tons of time, and everything is just fine and so we put things off, or we have NOT ENOUGH TIME AT ALL OMG PANIC. There is apparently no in-between. Or at least *I* have never found an in-between. If you have, and you are reading this, please let me in on this mystical secret.

    I’m looking forward to reading your documentation!

    • Ottowhat? says:

      Anjulili-you are definitely not the only one feeling the OMG, OMG there’s not enough time. And there are some people’s project I’ve looked at and thought wow, they are so far ahead of where I am. Then I remembered to not compare myself to others; that way lays madess. 🙂
      Beatrice-that is so true, there is no Goldilocks time. I know I lost a few days at the beginning of the project (I kept putting off laundry and ironing-I so hate ironing) and of course, now I’m kicking myself. Hopefully my documentation won’t disappoint.

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