Why have I made it so hard on myself?

I have asked myself this question repeatedly lately. Yesterday there was essentially one week left. I looked at what I have left to do and had doubt. A LOT of doubt. Yesterday was an awful day and I honestly almost quit. I entered this competition as a novice but feel like I’m not far off from advanced on some things. So I (in my infinite wisdom) decided that I should make EVERYTHING during the 30 day window. Absolutely everything. Oh and also – I’ll just write up documentation, which I don’t HAVE to do (and I loathe entirely) because that’s a stress I need. I did this why? Because “it’s a good way to push yourself” – YEAH TO INSANITY!!!!! Side note: my bathroom still isn’t done. It’s been over a month of demo and remodel. I have opinions about that.

Yesterday morning I cried and and truly wanted to quit but then this wonderful thing happened. My son (also the model) and my SCA family/friends reminded me of what I’m capable of. Of who I am and that I #doallthethings. So I put my glasses on and filled my coffee cup and got to work.

Yesterday I managed to get the structure and first few sections of my documentation together. I’ll be uploading my full documentation tomorrow. I also took some advice from a friend and completely redid the pouch. Like took it apart, resewed it and I didn’t stop until it was completely done. Like fully embellished and everything. Wanna see it?

Originally when trying to make this pouch – which I’ve never made before – I made a rookie mistake and sewed the leather to the frame first. which meant I couldn’t sew it right sides together and turn it. It looked awful (see below – just shoddy looking)

but I was going to try to work with it until a friend suggested that “in the future just treat it like fabric and sew it right sides together. Then flip it and attach to the frame”.

OH THAT LIGHTBULB WENT OFF! I took the pouch apart to resew it and get it to look like this (on the right).

I ended up working on it pretty late and didn’t sleep much last night. I made the decision today for mental health to “take a break from all things Ethereal Seamstress for a the day”… except writing this post now.

There is now one week left dear readers and I have a lot to do. That being said I have opted to not make glove largely because it makes sense to cut them at this point. They are after all an accessory and it’s a ridiculously unintuitive process for someone who’s never made them. I have a lot left to finish but I know I can do it but first sleep.

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4 Responses to Why have I made it so hard on myself?

  1. Elizabeth Vynehorn says:

    The pouch looks great – I think it was time well spent to redo it. Don’t quit now! You’ve already accomplished an amazing amount of work in this competition. You can do it!

    BTW, if you’re interested in gloves, feel free to contact me after the competition. I’ve made several pairs in the past and would be happy to provide any feedback if desired.

    • And Anne!  says:

      Oh my that would be wonderful help. I do still want to make some for the boy. Thank you so much. I’m finishing up my documentation now and will get it uploaded tonight.

  2. L. Severin Schröeder says:

    Mistress Vinehorn is the best on gloves. I have been where you were when you started this update. Listen to your SCA family and friends, they know you, sometimes, better than you do. To what I have seen, they are right. Don’t stop, you have this.

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