Documentation-Oh I thought of X at 4 am

So this always happens to me, I finish my documentation it’s done I’m happy and in this case I turned it in then at about 4 am because really who isn’t awake at 4am? No, just me ok I can believe that. But it hit me I should have included a picture specifically of the hat (Ketche) and I should have explained that I decided to not use the feathers since the directions I’m going off of don’t have one and the period illuminations are about 50/50 on if there are feathers or not. I was never really happy with the feathers I was able to buy when I thought of buying them or the manner in which I would have had to attach them-glue because not having the spoon made out of metal (no metal worker available) meant I would have had to either glue the feathers onto the spoon or into the little cone I bought to put them in. My brain finally woke up on Friday and said you needed a plume for this and I thought oh, I can still get a plume and Amazon will deliver it before the presentation next week but I would have needed to buy 10 and I only needed one and really only for 10 minutes. So I opted out since not having the feather was just as correct as having it would have been based on the pictures. Here are pictures to show what the hat will look like-I hope. 🙂

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  1. Beatrice Domenici della Campana says:

    Hi there!

    Do you have any photos of these hats without feathers? I read the whole thing about “okay, not going to do the feathers, here’s the photo documentation” and then the photo has hats with feathers! 🙂

    • Ottowhat? says:

      Sorry- no9t being able to see the original post make me go huh.
      The two illumations at the end of my documentation don’t have feathers in the hats. I would attach them here but I can’t figure out how to work that out.

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