Wednesday 03/24 Post: Cutting It Close, Indeed

E. Lots of Pinning, Lots of Hand-Sewing

If I were unemployed, as I had been for much of last 12 months, I would probably be finished by tomorrow or Friday, but I began a new job very recently, and so had to budget my time accordingly. It was only very recently that I felt able enough at the job to hand-sew between phone calls and during my breaks, so while I may be able to finish the pellote, I won’t be able to finish it by Saturday, if you follow me. I will likely have it hemmed, but I will not be able to put trim on it. I will do my level best, but I cannot make any guarantee.

Pellote fabric and interlining
The pellote fabric and interlining before the liner was pinned.

Over this past weekend, I managed to fix my liner blunder, and pressed the seam allowances of the liner. Monday I machine-sewed the liner to the fabric and interlining. Yesterday I pinned the liner edges of the necks and armholes so that I could hand-sew the under-stitching today. I don’t trust machine-sewing under-stitching, and will gladly sacrifice time to achieve the control that hand-sewing affords me, even if it means I won’t be able to do the trim by the deadline. Yes, I back-stitched. I like the even look it gives me, and no one will be able to see the underside hidden between the liner and the seam allowances of the interlining and fabric. I have under-stitched the back of the neck, the front neckline, and the left side deep armhole so far today. Que sera, sera.

Under-stitching the liner to the pellote proper.
Under-stitching the liner to the pellote proper.
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