Oh My! I thought I forgot something

Well it is Friday morning and I am leaving for work late, but here is an update any ways like every thing else since Wednesday it is also late. There is a very large punch list to be finished so my half day of work will come in handy today.

I had to totally re think the sleeves as there was not enough fabric for them so plan B I think they look pretty good .
gown still needs eyelets, hem guards and a good pressing

About Anjuili d’Foljambe

Greetings, I am Lady Anjuili Foljambe and I call the Barony of Stonemarche my home. I have been in the SCA for a very long time. I love making garb, I have made most of my own and my family’s for the entire time I have been in the SCA. I also was keeper of Stonemarche’s Gold Key for many years. I have been doing more research and making more period correct garb in the last 8 or 9 years than I have in the past. I have participated in the Birka Fashion show for a few years now. This will be my second garb challenge. I and a few friends competed in golden seamstress in 2018 and had a blast.
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  1. Kay of Tre Asterium says:

    I think you are in good order for the finish!
    Best wishes.

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