Sew Like the Wind

I’m not going to make it, but I’m not going to quit. The belt is done, the underdress is 95% done, I had to go with the fallback plan on that one. The bliaut skirt is pleated, 68 pleats hand sewn in. Shoes to finish, bliaut to finish. Pictures tomorrow.

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  1. Melody Faith says:

    I am really sorry to say that my modem is dying, I have lost all wireless and the repairman is coming tomorrow. I really need to get this fixed for my job. I will be unable to judge.

  2. Melody Ann Faith says:

    I have very much enjoyed following your progress and finally go to watch the video. You did a marvelous job.
    I wish I had a few still pictures of the bodice to see the way you finished that side join and the lacing area. I have always felt there were two ways that the bliaut were made, the one one without the added skirt and one with an added skirt. So I agree with your decision and the documentation you use to back it up. I probably should watch the question and answer section of the video as well. Maybe I will later. Right now I need to get through all of the folks I should have judged.
    The whole outfit definitely looks right and fits very well. The belt is really lovely. The veil is basically perfect. I just figured out that rolled hem recently myself. It is magic! The shoes turned out awesome. Hard to believe they are first time. I love the stockings. I have made similar ones. Pinning to the rug was so amazingly clever! I am going to steal that idea for sure! Everything else looks great as well! Hand sewing the whole thing gives you bonus points! The only thing I might suggest is lining the lower part of the sleeve so the seam does not show. I am not sure how you finished the seam. If it is finished in a flat fell sor something that also works. I just got one glimpse of it, so I may be out of line on this.
    Kudos for making such and amazing outfit!

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