All Done

Thank you for this opportunity to push my boundaries and learn new things!!!

front view
unclose front
side view
rear view
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  1. Melody Ann Faith says:

    This is Dulcinea. I was supposed to be one of your judges but had to cancel at the last moment. I finally got a chance to sit down and watch the video. Wow! Your entry impresses me so much. You bit off a ton and chewed the whole thing. Your entire outfit is done really well and looks good. I am extra impressed with the shoes and pouch. I would never have guessed you were not a leather works merchant.
    The only constructive criticism I have is really more of a suggestion for the future. I noticed that the seams on the woolen hood are not laying flat. I have a way that I press my seams that is a miracle and works really well with wool. After sewing the seams, turn the garment inside out. First press the layers of the seam one way so that both edges are together pointing one direction. Then flip both layers the other direction and press. The open the seam and press. Finally turn it right side out and press. This will make the whole thing lay perfectly flat and give it a really nice finish. It really is worth the time.
    Again, just wow. For a 100th A and S entry this would be very good! For a first entry it is stellar. It was fun watching the progress and even more fun seeing what a wonderful job you did!

    • Eleanor Mac Congail says:

      Thank you so much! I am glad I did this competition. It was very challenging but equally rewarding for me! I will use your recommendation for future projects. Again thank you

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