Final Checklist aka did I get it all done

Prior to Feb 27th-

take classes on pertinent stuff (braies and button making): yes

research outfit components: yes

Mod/draft patterns: yes

shop stash to pick out and prep materials: yes

order other materials (feathers and shoe making things): yes

make some decorative items (hat/pouch jewels and gown trim)

Between Feb 27th and March 27th-

Make test outfit: yes – enough that I knew it would work. In some cases it took a couple of mock ups to work

Make hat: yes – 50% hand sewn –

Make pouch: yes – 100% hand sewn

Make gloves: no they are the dark magic things that I’ll figure out later

Make shoes: no but I still plan to make them

Make underclothes: yes – I even mostly hand-sewed the shirt

Make doublet and hose: yes both partially hand sewn

Make jerkin: yes

Make gown: sadly no but he’ll have it before 100 Minutes War

Write documentation for the first time: yes

So there it is. I tried to hold myself to a higher competition level than I entered at. Did this cause me to not finish everything? In part but I also grossly underestimate how long things take. I’m getting somewhat better at that but clearly still have room for improvement. I opted to sleep (for a few hours) last night. As such I did not get the shoes done. Could I have banged out simple quick shoes this morning? Perhaps but I didn’t do that. Past me would. Current me understands the value in not carrying frantic energy. So I’m going to get some garb on and make myself pretty. I don’t expect to ‘win’ but I don’t need to. I’ve proven to myself that I can compete. I made amazing garb for my son and it’s the most HA things I’ve ever done. I’m proud of me.

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6 Responses to Final Checklist aka did I get it all done

  1. Kay of Tre Asterium says:

    …and Thus endeth the Lesson!
    It is what we learn about ourselves and how we increase our skills that makes this sort of activity valuable. You have clearly learned many things.

    Anne, you have succeeded nobly.

  2. Elizabeth Vynehorn says:

    You’ve done a great job and produced an amazing amount of work. Congratulations for making it through!

  3. Charis says:

    I think this is a leaving process. I love that you kept track of progress and acknowledged the things you didn’t get to without beating yourself up. Great project overall!

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