Initial Wrap Up Thoughts

The good-I challenged myself. I hand sewed the everything I got done. Yes, because my machine needs to go to the shop (so calling them Monday) but also because I’ve never hand sewn an outfit. Also the research-normally when I do that much research it’s about food and I’m terrible about blogging. And writing out the research-It’s super rare that I make the time to do the write-up because by the time I’m ready to do the write up I’m sick of dealing with the research and the food and I know the research for whatever feast I’m making. But I think I’ll do better after this competition.

I love the hat!! There is an error with the veiling but even with that I love it. I also love the pants (caksir). They went together like a dream. Once I understood how the pattern was supposed to work-bam, pants and didn’t ride up in the leg at all.

The bad-timing, unfinished Yagmurlak (didn’t get the hem or the weird alternative colored “trim” on the lining added. (I still don’t understand the difference in the linings but I’m going to work on that) I botched cutting out the Gomlek-twice-then didn’t have enough fabric for the Don. I know it happened because I was tired and putting way too much stress on myself. Also I don’t like the look of the pattern I used for the zibin and yagmurlak. The Gomlek he wore he already had.

The sad-the shoes-there are no shoes. I don’t do leather work and I’m not sure I ever will. Some how I truly believed that the leather needles I bought would go through the floppy soft leather I was using at least for the mest-indoor slipper socks things. Apparently, that is not a thing and there required way more holes punched into it than I had time for.

The Ugly-I either need to hand sew a lot more or not at all. First my hands, wrists and arms are so sore! Next, with the exception of blind stitching, I’m not very good a it. I used to be better-I think. But I’m almost embarrassed by some of the stitches. The zibin does not bring me joy at all.

The winning points for me-My Laurel read my documentation and loved it. My blind stiches were commented on in a very positive light. My lord, my model, is proud of me and liked the project and the garb that he gets to keep-once it is fixed and completed. I met new to me, wonderful people and got to see so many amazing projects. I am truly in awe of all of the amazing things that we all produced (especially the named winners-OMG you are all incredibly talented!). This has been a wonderful experience and I hope I get to keep in contact with you.

Thank you to the Barony, the organizers, the judges and my fellow competitors!

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