The finished piece

I finished it. My outfit. In the beautiful linen. I finished by covering the grommets with the silver thread.

The grommets.

I also had a friend find an easy slipper design, that looks period, from a 1940’s issues of Vogue.

It has a u shaped piece that I used scrap of my purple fabric. I rolled all the seams. Closed the back and attached to a memory foam insole for shoes. The pattern called for insoles of some kind. I think if I redid this in a period way I would do a turn style leather shoe. Or at least use leather on the base so it can be used outdoors. In the future I may even see if I can glue a stronger piece of leather or rubber to the bottom.

I also lined the collar with a tube I made out of the purple linen scrap. And basted it on to reenforce the raw edges.

My documentation for this pattern is the pattern I bout from Etsy. The chemise is based off of a t tunic design. I’ve seen other chamises with a design element like mine. They were cut to make them. I decided not to cut the fabric since it covered my entire arm span.

Image I found on :

I love the outfit. I would change a few things. And I would have the sleeves in the blue linen that I lined the neck with. Which I plan on doing, even after this challenge.

Thank you for doing this challenge.

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