#10. How will you represent disparate areas of interest…

What aspects of the Barony and of the SCA do you feel most comfortable representing?  What aspects are you personally least comfortable with?  With that in mind, how, as Baron/ess do you plan to represent those aspects of the SCA that you are least comfortable with in order to properly serve your Baronial constituents?

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3 Responses to #10. How will you represent disparate areas of interest…

  1. Mark Gwenllian says:

    Mark is definitely most comfortable on the fight field whereas Gwenllian is more comfortable with the A&S crowd or helping newcomers. We’re not terribly familiar with the law-side interface – for example, the way Curia works, but as the baronage we would have the right and obligation to be heard. We have sat through only one curia but that ,in no way, makes us experts. We would need to consult with our former baronage and seneschalate both to educate ourselves so that we could properly represent the barony.

  2. Sisuile Rumhann says:

    We are most comfortable as service geeks. From invisible to visible roles, if it needs to be done, one of us has a clue how to do it (Up to and including the exchecquerate, if necessary). We’re also very comfortable on the thrown, fencing, and archery fields, and in the halls of the arts and sciences. The one frequent aspect neither of us enjoy are large parties with too much alcohol. We much prefer smaller gatherings of friends and acquaintances. However, we acknowledge that the baron and baroness are expected and required to attend many such gatherings as part of the office, and while it is not what we prefer, we will do our duty.

  3. We apologize for the long response time. We have had important family issues to deal with this past week, including my sister in an emergency visit to the hospital. Everything is fine and everyone is healthy still, so back to business.

    Our combined strong point is serving, whether it be visible on the marshalate field or behind the scenes, this is where we shine. We are strong go getters and our weakness is pretty much needing to learn how to slow down and put all of our ducks in a row before we get too enthusiastic.

    We are bettering our weakness by gathering more information and role models to help us accomplish ideas while slowing down and looking to the more experienced members of the populace of the Barony of the past several decades to help guide us.

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