#11. How do you see the Baronage interacting with the Seneschallate…

How do you see the Baronage interacting with the Seneschallate? Where is the line between the roles and responsibilies of the Coronet and those of the Seneschal?

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3 Responses to #11. How do you see the Baronage interacting with the Seneschallate…

  1. Mark Gwenllian says:

    We see the interaction as a partnership. The Baronage is the ceremonial side where the Seneschal is the rules side. We feel it is crucial for there to be good communication between the two. For the Baronage, it is important to recognize and reward the effort of baronial members. It is also important to have the trust in and for the officers in the Barony that they are best able to do their duties. It is up to the seneschal to manage the officers and the Baronage to support their efforts. The baronage and seneschalate should keep each other fully informed – neither should be surprised by anything that comes up at a meeting.

  2. Grimolfr and Khazariyya says:

    It is extremely important for the Baronage and Seneschal to have a harmonious relationship in order to benefit the Barony. However, they are only but 2 parts within a well oiled machine that needs all of it’s components in order to work. This means that every officer position is important to the Baronage and Seneschal to better achieve this harmony.

    We feel there are 2 main factors that can create problems.
    1. Understanding we are all volunteering for this, if you volunteer to do a job it is important to make sure the responsibilities of that job are met whether by officer or deputy. Otherwise, it can create stress and burden the officers who must continually remind another of their tasks, or, it can put a Barony on a perpetual hold. Either of these problems prevents the Barony from growing and accomplishung their goals.
    2. The other problem can be when an officer takes upon themselves TOO much responsibility, even those which are or were delegated to other officers or persons responsibilities. This can cause burn out, bitterness in all persons and or parties, as well as a hold upon the Barony’s growth and success.

    We look forward to a harmonious relationship with all the officers if we should win.

  3. Sisuile Rumhann says:

    The interaction between the two types of officers is cooperative and supportive. They should each be seeking ways to meet the needs of the other. With everything the barony does, the Seneschal needs to verify that all the rules and regulations are being followed. Within the rules and regulations, the Baronage needs to phrase that into our society. There is a hard and distinct line from one role to the other. The Seneschallate is our liaison to the mundane law, in all matters which that touches (insurance, liability, contracts, legality) their word is final. The Baronage however, is our story line. They are our leadership, our role models, our liaison to the crown and other baronies, our representation when our populace is not available at events outside our boundaries.

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