#12. How will you promote A&S…

How will promote ALL aspects of Arts and Sciences ( i.e.  brewing, cooking, jewelry making, etc.)?

(Admin note: the administrators did offer the option to rephrase this question in order to make it less duplicative of Question #8.  The poster declined on the basis that in their interpretation Question #8 deals solely with promoting the SCA as a whole to bring in newcomers.  Therefore it has been posted as stated.)

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3 Responses to #12. How will you promote A&S…

  1. We would like to ask that the MoAS organize monthly (if possible) classes where they can reach out to members of the populace in their chosen A&S proficiency. We are not looking for just Laurels and Maunches to teach classes, but to members who have a passion in the A&S community and want to share that knowledge and passion with the barony.

  2. Mark Gwenllian says:

    We will work with our various artisans to promote their Art and share their enthusiasm. We, as a Barony, have so many talented artisans who are generous enough to share their time and knowledge through teaching classes at events or workshops at their homes or a borrowed space. That generosity should be rewarded by a successful, well attended workshop. We can and will help promote the Arts and Sciences on Facebook, the Yahoo group and through word of mouth. On Facebook, we are members of several SCA groups where we can post links and announcements to your workshop. We are willing to put in as much effort as you do to help your activity be as successful as possible.

  3. Sisuile Rumhann says:

    We both personally have a diverse array of interests in the arts and sciences.

    A&S topics Rumhann can do and teach (at least at 101 level): leather, woodworking, blacksmithing, embroidery, medieval architecture, medieval construction techniques, pottery, gardening, brewing, cooking, chainmail & armor making, archery, thrown weapons, soapmaking, & ropework (braiding, knots, & splicing).
    A&S topics Sisuile can do and teach (at least at the 101 level): period clothing & accessories, silversmithing, leather, embroidery, weaving, european and middle eastern dance, reading medieval music, vocal performance, bardic, illumination, bookbinding, pottery, enamel, cold worked metal, fencing armor, cooking, baking, infusions, soapmaking, herbary, dyeing, spinning, knitting, archery, research methods

    Because we have such a breadth of interests, some of which are group based and some of which are individual, we understand and encourage breadth and depth in the people around us. We are always available to teach what we know, and we open our home once a month to do it, as well as teaching at events, including Pennsic. Even as Baron/ess, we would continue sharing our knowledge as well as learning all the cool new things that people in our barony have to teach. We are fans of project days and workshops and demos.

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