#2. What skills do you bring…

What skills do you think you could bring to the baronage, and what are some examples of when you used them?

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3 Responses to #2. What skills do you bring…

  1. Between the two of us, we have over 30 years managerial experience including Khazariyya running and owning her own business for the past 10 years. This experience helped us learn how to work with people in teams and as individuals to problem solve, come up with innovative ideas to thrive, and how to properly delegate to others to best accomplish our goals.

    I, Grimolfr, as a manager, have had an abundance of experience training individuals. This has helped me in all the marshal activities that I oversee and teach in. I have been able to start with newcomers in Adult and Youth fencing, Adult and Youth Thrown Weapons, and have started my path to MiT as a Youth Combat marshal. I have been able to pass on the skills that I have learned efficiently.

    Also as a manager, I have had to settle disputes among coworkers. I know that this can happen with any good group of individuals and I have the necessary tools and experience to handle the late night phone calls that may come from being Baron/Baroness.

    Khazariyya, as an entrepreneur, has the experience of starting a business from just an idea. She has been able to take a dream, plan it, do the leg work, and bring it to successful fruition. She has always been very responsive to clients with their needs and concerns. This skill has been very helpful in the SCA when she was the co-autocrat at Hrim Schola, retaining for the Queen(s), and when volunteering with the Chatelines at events. If approached with questions or requests, it is in her nature to give immediate assistance. In an instance where she may not know the answers, she makes it a priority to find those who can help.

    One of our greatest assets is our enthusiasm. We love to hear new ideas from the populace and find ways to bring them to life within Barony Beyond the Mountain. Even if we have had a set back, we always try to find a positive solution to move forward.

    These are just a handful of skills that we do bring to the barony and hope to bring to the baronage.

    We are listening and we do hear you.

  2. Sisuile Rumhann says:

    We know how to run things. Nature abhors a vacuum and so do we. Most of the jobs we’ve had in the SCA have been because something needed to get done, and we were the ones willing to do it. We know how to wrangle volunteers, work within budgets, and manage staff. We are not afraid to advocate for and defend our people, but have also learned that sometimes the best practice is being silent and listening. We understand many of the ways that baronies can be run, from the experience of living and working in them, and how this barony *is* running. We are both experienced administrators in large non-profits, including the SCA.

    Mundanely, Rumhann ran the membership department at the National Organization for Women. When the barony will be requesting our membership address list for sending out ballots – that’s part of what he was doing at NoW. For Free Spirit Gathering he has been the Sweats site coordinator and department head, and guidance committee member. Modernly, he has been in managerial rolls for over 10 years. Sisuile has worked in event administration for the American Heart Association, in planning and coordination for The Bridge Homeless Center, and the Peacemeal Project. She has own and run her own business for over 15 years, and so brings those organizational, administrative, marketing, time management, and managerial skills to her volunteer efforts.

    Within the SCA, we are both long term event staff and/or officers. Sisuile has, at various times, held or performed every type of major office that isn’t a marshalate. She was a Deputy Society Seneschal, Dean of Performing Arts at Pennsic, various kinds of senior herald, been deputy Gold Key, deputy Chatelaine, Mistress of the Lists, Event Steward, Feast Steward, Royalty Liaison, Site Liaison, Gate Coordinator, worked with the exchequer, worked with the MOAS to organize classes, done set up, clean up, site hunting, etc, as well as currently being the webminister. Rumhann generally takes the less titled jobs, being a marshal, transporting equipment, assisting and leading set up and clean up, people wrangling, and a heck of a lot of dishes (his first event was spent nearly entirely helping out in the kitchen – during Crown Tourney in AS XX), and currently BBM’s Captain of Archers.

  3. Mark Gwenllian says:

    We bring a personal touch, always having positive interactions with SCA members at all levels we have been fortunate enough to meet. We’ve spoken to anyone from first event people to Kings and Queens with ease and had so many interesting, educational and humorous discussions with them all.
    Gwenllian: As the Baronial Chatelaine, I have been welcoming newcomers for the last seven years, showing them around and introducing them to people with similar interests to theirs. I have also organized people for demos with assistance from others. Those demos have gotten us invitations to prestigious shows like the Big E which exposes the SCA to hundreds, if not thousands of people every year. We have been invited to do demos in other areas of the kingdom as well including the fiber festival in Rhinebeck, NY which is one of the largest in the area.
    Mark: I have a good sense of humor letting it show just when you think I’m not listening or have gone missing, only to be right in front of you with a humorous comment to make you chuckle or even guffaw. Belly laughs are not uncommon either. One person described it as “stealth” humor.
    A few years ago at Yule, I was asked to step in as the Midnight Visitor when Bergental’s person was under the weather. I played the Midnight Visitor two years in a row and received many compliments on my portrayal. My brief background in theater helped me embrace the role and have fun with it.

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