#8. How will you promote activities…

A few words on how you will promote the various activities that are the SCA.

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  1. Grimolfr Khazariyya says:

    My son’s middleschool hosts a Medieval day every year. I am going to bring up the suggestion to contact the school as an organization to participate in their event. I already spoke to the school about the possibility and they seemed interested so my next step is presenting the idea at the Baronial meeting. This will promote our organization to children and families which is a very strong way to promote and expand our group.

    Hosting demos within Baronial borders is another way to successfully promote our group. My idea was finding the local, yearly flea markets throughout our Barony and seeing about acquiring a booth space and demo space for marshal demonstrations or footwork. This will all be brought up to the Chatelaine in Baronial meetings.

    Creating E-Flyers to post online for local web groups and town groups is also a great way to advertise the SCA for free. The flyer can state all the activities available with a brief description and have the contact info of the Chatelaine for more information.

  2. Mark Gwenllian says:

    We will continue with demos, talking to people we meet and work with. We have both been doing this all along. Gwenllian will talk to anybody, seriously! We will continue to visit practices we already go to, expand to go to other practices we aren’t currently involved with, go to as many of the workshops as we can and we’ll promote them online. We both have access to the Facebook page and the Yahoo group. Gwenllian’s experience as a chatelaine will help us promote the Barony’s activities.

  3. Sisuile Rumhann says:

    We as the baron/ess will promote SCA activities by lending our presence to local, kingdom, and interkingdom events in our roles as representatives of the populace, by seeking a wider audience (through recruitment and demonstrations), through encouragement of the populace to participate at a stronger level, in working with our populace to facilitate the activities that they would like to see held, and by giving and facilitating praise and recognition where it is due for jobs well done (both administrative and achievement based).

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