An introduction

Greetings, good gentles!

My name is Åsa in Blinda, and I join you all from the far, recently frozen lands of Ansteorra for this wonderful emprise as the sole member of Team Jiking. I’ve been sewing for the viking age for two years, and have also extended my research into later periods, usually supportive garments. In this month, I intend to handsew a full viking age outfit based off the Lady in Blue grave from Iceland.

The Lady in Blue-Bláklædda Konan: the textiles. National Museum of Iceland.  | Northern Women Arts Collaborative

Woman from the burial of Ketilstaðir, Iceland. Illustration Greg Rebis, 2015.

This will be made for my friend, the newly warranted herald of Namron Áshildr inn Háfagri, who’s fairly well known in our kingdom for favoring obnoxiously bright garments. This grave is perhaps a bit mild in palette for her usual taste, so while I will be maintaining the cut and colors of the grave, some more….bizarre modern materials will be used to appeal to her.

The outfit will consist of these items:
– One blue smokkr, topped with a tablet woven band
– A serk
– A cap and veil
– a bag with handles, inspired by Hedeby finds
– Knee length hose
– nålbound socks
-storebought shoes and jewelry

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  1. Valya Abnikova doch' says:

    Hi Åsa! I’m Valya, one of your judges. This looks like a great plan, and I’m excited to see what you put together! I love that you’re basing it off a specific grave find. I’m curious about the strange materials you’re using, and I hope that you elaborate on that in a future post. Good work and good luck!

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