look. stuff.

I took pictures of all the stuff I’m using for this project; wool and linen yardage, scraps of wool for socks, silk and wool threads for sewing and weaving, my little copper-pipe loom that I use for short lengths of tablet weaving (it’s still warped from practice), leather for making shoes and the tools I’ll use, and a couple of patterns and a couple of reference books (the books are really sort of a flex, because you can’t actually get the blue one anymore). I don’t usually use patterns, but I need to for the shoes and socks because they are not rectangles.

The wide shot gives you an idea, but closer shots show more of the wonder that is… well, all this stuff, so I’m adding those in, too.

Big piles of Tasha’s stuff that will be put away again till they’re needed.

So those are my materials for this challenge. If you have any questions about any of it, please ask. I don’t know that I’m going to use all of the threads. Pretty sure I’ll use as much of the blue yarn as possible, though. (Inches are not yards, kids. Always convert your units of measurement and don’t order stuff after midnight.)

The More You Know…

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