day two: pleat all the things!

I started sewing yesterday, and assembled my split gore on the smokkr. I finished that this morning, and then took to my bed because my back is paining me something terrible. After a lovely nap on my heating pad, I’m back at it, working on pleating the front.

step one: draw the pleating lines on the inside of the dress
step two: do a few mattress stitches
step three: pull the stitches snug and repeat
step four: ???
step five: PLEATS

I have a lot of pleats to do to draw this in enough. I drew out 8” worth of pleats, and each one takes about ten minutes to complete. I have ten done so far and have around 7 left to do. By the time I’m done, I expect that I will have drawn that 8” down into 4”. That may or may not be enough; we’ll see what it looks like when I look at it in the mirror.

Back to pleating!



OMG y’all, they are


are these not glorious pleats?

I’m super happy with them. My original intent was to pleat the entire space between my brooches, which is about 8 inches. I no longer think that’s necessary, and also, with the 2” into 1” takeup, I’d have to pleat four more inches on either side.

I don’ wanna.

I think that would look stupid directly over my breasts anyway, so I’m calling it good. I might give these a press with my wee iron later.

I’m so excited. Finishing this means I can measure for where I want the back to close and then place the gores. I might get this done this week as planned, hopefully by Thursday.

It’s good to have goals. My next immediate goal is getting to bed. Night, y’all.

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2 Responses to day two: pleat all the things!

  1. Kitta Refr says:

    That pleating is gorgeous! I am very tempted to do this for a future apron dress, as I have plenty of the plain, 4 panel version and I’d love to add a little variety.

    • Tasha says:

      Thanks! The mattress stitch approach does result in a wiggly pleat. I haven’t pressed them yet with my wee iron, but wow does it look like I’m having a worm race on my chest. Moving forward I’m going to consider other methods, though truth be told, I don’t hate this. 😀 It’s good for my perfectionism to embrace a little chaos.

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