Winged Monkey Post #1

Greetings from beyond your borders! I am Laurensa Silverlock, current resident of the Barony of Cynnabar in the Mid, but a former resident of the Shire of Owlsherst.

I am planning a German Renaissance outfit from the early 16th century, consisting of red wool gown with black trim, white linen hemd and apron, both trimmed with smocking, and the most ridiculous tellerbarret I can manage to balance on my head. I have six yards of red wool, black wool for trim, and four yards of white 5 oz linen for hemd and apron.

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  1. Kay of Tre Asterium / Kay Jarrell says:

    Greetings, Laurensa. This is Ms. Kay, late of Cynnabar. I am helping judge from Atlantia.
    I cannot wait to see Tellerbarret hat pictures. How crazy will you get, I wonder?
    I liked your fabric choices. Was lots of it from stash?
    Be well, and stitch!

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