Behind Schedule

Have I mentioned that I hate sewing? Because I hate sewing. I’m very frustrated at this stage, though slightly less so at the end of today. I am very far behind where I scheduled myself to be- I should be finished with my chemise, and I’m not even halfway finished.
I had a lot of trouble pinning, repinning, and re-repinning the gussets for the arms and sleeves. As well as getting the darn pins to stay in place. (I’ve lately discovered quilting clips and I LOVE them, but they don’t work for this situation.) Well, I had an entire gusset sewn in place- very neatly I’d like to add… and when I checked to see how it looked on the inside… All my fabric edges were visible. Everything was wrong. Everything. So not only did I get to rip out all my stitches, I got to figure out how to pin, repin, and repin everything. I’m still not absolutely sure I’ve got the sleeve in correctly, because it doesn’t line up with the top of my collar line. I’m not even sure what I’m going to do about that. Cry. Fold something badly.
Anyhow, because pins suck, Axel recommended BASTING, and I’m trying that. It adds a step, but it stops pins from falling out. Next time, I’ll use a different colored thread so that it’ll be easier to yank it after I’ve finished the sewing.
I think I’m mostly upset because this is the most difficult part for me- trying to see these bits in three dimensions and put them together. I have no trouble with the stitching part, that’s the part I like. When it comes to what goes where, and how does it need to be situated, and why is this shaped kinda wonky when this body part is really shaped like that… I have such a hard time with all of that. Once I think I have it solved, I feel relieved, but I end up being wrong almost every time. I hate all of that. Sitting, making lines of even stitches, keeping tension… I can do that for long periods of time and enjoy it. Having to redo the bits I hate over and over again, getting further behind in my project is frustrating.
Hope this rambling blog makes sense in the morning. Sorry for the late night ramble.

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  1. And Anne!  says:

    I’m behind where I wanted to be also but I believe in both of us. Just remember to breathe darling. I’m here if you need me.

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