The unfinished wool wife

The short and sweet of it: I’ve got the chemise, hosen, St. Birgitta cap, and a bycocket done, but there is approximately zero chance that I’m going to have the many-buttoned cotehardie of my dreams complete by tomorrow evening.

Yesterday’s update: I am so ridiculous but instead of finishing the wool version of this gown I freaked some more about potentially messing up the wool and made a full version out of the navy linen that I’d used for the lining. I know that it’s going to be so gorgeous in wool, but this linen one can probably be worn more often in Trimaris. So now I have a lined dark blue linen cotehardie that just needs its buttons and sleeves, and this linen version definitely wants not metal, but self cloth buttons on the sleeves and maybe on the front too. With tippets.

I have 64 of the flat shank buttons (and can’t get more), and 45 of the ball buttons (and could order more if necessary), so decided that I just need more of the balls for the actual wool (which I can more confidently finish now that I have made the linen version without jacking it up royally), and these shanks will go on a future pleat-front buttoned gown based on some effigies that I’ve been eyeing,

Today: I actually worked on the dark blue wool version of the gown, and it’s now at the same stage: assembled, fitted, lined but sleeveless, still needing a front closure and its sleeves draped and attached.

is it possible to do sleeves, sleeve buttons and an acceptable front closure in 24 hours? Find out tomorrow on the next and final episode of Brass-Rubbed Wool Wives of the 15th Century!

About Hawisia de Groote

Noble Hawisia de Groote hails from the Barony of Castlemere in Trimaris, where they currently serve as an A&S officer and Baronial Bard. Hawisia has been in the SCA for roughly ten years and enjoys persona-intensive experiences, hiking, hand sewing, and hanging out around the fire telling jokes and humorous tales based on period sources.
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2 Responses to The unfinished wool wife

  1. Melody Faith says:

    Dear Hawisia,
    I am sorry to report that my modem is dying, I have no wireless, and the repairmen are coming tomorrow. I have to bow out because I need my internet to be able to do my from home job. I am so sorry. I was enjoying your reports on your progress.

  2. Melody Ann Faith says:

    I finally got the chance to watch the video. I am sorry you were unable to finish. If it is any consolation, I entered the golden seamstress event in the Middle Kingdom and did not finish either. That is a 24 hour event for making the outfits. I did not read the current rules and did not make the patterns in advance. I can feel for you!

    Your fit looks to be spot on and your hand work is really incredible. I think you will end up with a lovely outfit when you are done. Good luck with finishing it!

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