Thursday 03/25 Post: So Close, Sew Close

F. A Pellote but for Hemming and Trimming

I was able to finish the under-stitching while working from home, and able to attached the tops together, but if I want to get any sleep tonight and function at work tomorrow, the hemming will have to wait, not to mention the trimming. I know I have enough trim for the open sides, and quite possibly for the neck as well, but that may not be done on time. We shall see. But here is the untrimmed pellote. The extant gown had thin front panels, and I may have made it too thin, but I will see how this falls tomorrow. I am hanging it overnight before hemming.

Pellote but for hems and trim
This is the pellote, lined, ready to be hemmed and trimmed. At least hemmed after hanging overnight.

This has been entertaining and educational. I look forward to seeing everyone’s entries.

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4 Responses to Thursday 03/25 Post: So Close, Sew Close

  1. Melody Faith says:

    Dear lady,
    I am very sorry to report I will not be able to judge you tomorrow. My modem is dying and I have no wireless. I need to get this fixed ASAP for my job. The repair person is coming tomorrow. I was so looking forward to judging your work. Buena suerte and nice job.

  2. La Castellana Vieja says:

    I understand completely! I did not finish, but I had a lovely time. I hope you are on the SCA Iberia page on Facebook. We Hispanists should stick together, no? 😊

  3. Melody Ann Faith says:

    Si claro. I am going to do some commentary after reading your last post, and hopefully I can see the video on YouTube. It will probably tomorrow night since I need to be up really early tomorrow. I have to take my giant dog to have surgery for skin cancer tomorrow. He needs to be there before 3 and it is an hour drive. Ugh. I am really enjoying your journey!

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