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Ethereal Seamstress runs Feb-March 2021

All Done

Thank you for this opportunity to push my boundaries and learn new things!!!

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Final Checklist aka did I get it all done

Prior to Feb 27th- take classes on pertinent stuff (braies and button making): yes research outfit components: yes Mod/draft patterns: yes shop stash to pick out and prep materials: yes order other materials (feathers and shoe making things): yes make … Continue reading

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Two left feet

No seriously – I initially sewed the hosen with two left feet. It’s fixed now. Hosen are …. well they are things made from dark magic. I made a decent pair I think considering that I’ve never made them before. … Continue reading

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Mash-up Side laced Doublet

Originally I had planned on making the doublet from the same white fabric as the hose. With one line of embroidery down the center. The embroidery is an image I created based off the design in the portrait of Henry … Continue reading

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Golden (C-S-R) Sewers – and done!

Tonight is the closest I’ve felt to this being a Golden Seamstress. Taping the reveal. Figuring how to upload it into the video editor. Struggling to make a deadline! It’s real!

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Inspiration and biblios

I have only started wearing and learning about Tudor fashion in the past 3 years or so. I am currently learning to differentiate between Henrician, Elizabethan, late and early Tudor. When to wear a French Hood or a flat cap. … Continue reading

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The Final Sprint and Crossing the Finish Line

I made it! The past week has been a blur of sewing. My fingertips are slightly numb from all the sewing, my craft area is a huge mess, and I have SO. MUCH. homework to do this weekend, but I … Continue reading

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Fancy Hat

I totally lost track and forgot to post yesterday but I got the hat made and I’m pretty impressed with it actually. It doesn’t look at spiffy sitting on the desk but then my model put it on and wow, … Continue reading

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Keep the boy in clean drawers

Can I just say that I’m super happy with the final version of the shirt? I am. The test version was – meh. Collar and cuffs were… unremarkable. So I changed them . And I mostly hand sewed the final … Continue reading

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And Finished!!!

Well, that’s been one hell of a month. I have sworn in at least 3 languages, I have stuck myself repeatedly with pins, I have run out of materials, but I am happy with what I have accomplished. Despite the … Continue reading

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